The Land

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Field of wheat
Field of wheat

Near helmsdale.

Abandoned shack
Abandoned shack

Near Helmsdale

Black House Village
Black House Village

Isle of Lewis

Daffodil Farm
Daffodil Farm

Near Arbroath

Abandoned shack
Abandoned shack

Near Errol

Path to the beach
Path to the beach

Isle of Iona


It requires great love of it deeply to read

The configuration of a land,
Gradually grow conscious of fine shadings,
Of great meanings in slight symbols,
Hear at last the great voice that speaks softly,
See the swell and fall upon the flank
Of a statue carved out in a whole country’s marble

Be like Spring, like a hand in a window

Moving New and Old things carefully to and fro,
Moving a fraction of flower here,
Placing an inch of air there,
And without breaking anything.
So I have gathered unto myself
All the loose ends of Scotland,
And by naming them and accepting them,
Loving them and identifying myself with them,
Attempt to express the whole.

Hugh MacDiarmid

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