The past of Alan Wild

Born in Edinburgh, Alan has lived in London, Pennsylvania, Paris, Cape Town and is now back in Scotland.
He has worked with many bands throughout the 80's & 90's, traveling with them, designing their stage sets and operating their lights during the concerts.

Alan has been very lucky to have traveled the world, visiting many countries, encountering many cultures and forming many friendships.

Photography takes him back as long ago as the early Seventies. He was developing black & white photographs in a small boxroom in his parents house at the time and selling images to anyone and everyone.  He was a Punk Rocker in 1976, a bored and unemployed teenager!

If you want to know more regarding his development within the music industry, then click on the Lighting Design page. There you get a more detailed account of how he gatecrashed / stumbled his way into one of the most creative, some will say...outrageous decades of style and music.

​Alan 'retired' from the music industry in the early 90's and opened Graphic Lights Designs,a computer graphics business in the heart of Edinburgh. In an ever changing industry of technology, Alan's Commodore Amiga was soon being left behind by the advance of the PC and new software.

After closing down the business in 1992 he entered the world of comedy working with an old acquaintance at Score Commotions Joke shop & Magic outlet. Alan's graphic design abilities were put to use in the layout of posters and marketing for magic tricks sold within the shop. He went on to design stage sets, lights & sound for The Edinburgh Magic Circles' annual Conventions and later auditioned to join The Magic Circle.
He passed the audition after a successful performance as alter-ego Magic-Al in front of an audience of established Magic Circle members.



In the mid 90s', Alan embarked on a 3 year degree course in Stage Management & Theatre Production at Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh, specialising in set & lighting design. 

In 1997 Alan graduated as a Bachelor of Arts and went on to work at Dundee Rep Theatre as Design Assistant & Scenic Artist.

Alan started taking photographs back in the mid 70s' of members of his local karate club and at various competitions. He was using a Zorki 4K. Most of the heads were missing from his shots so he then purchased a Zenit ES SLR, which weighed a ton. He would develop & process in black & white.

When he started going to Punk gigs, then selling pictures, he eventually bought a lightweight Fujica ST605 which he loved. Alan would shoot off 5 rolls of Ilford 400ASA pushed to1600ASA and developed using Microphen document developer.

His next camera was a Minolta SRT 101 with a Tamron lens. .He later replaced the Minolta SRT with a Minolta Dynax 7000i which was then stolen in a burglary in Edinburgh. After a short stint with an Olympus 1.3mp digital camera, Alans' partner Mhairi bought him a Canon EOS 400D for his 50th birthday. Along with a new laptop and Adobe software he has not looked back.

Alan Wild as a punk rocker.

1976 Punk Rocker

Alan Wild with Gary Numan plotting the lights in Toronto for the first North American Tour.

Alan & Gary Numan plotting the light show.

Alan Wild as Joke Shop assistant.

Magic-Al in the joke shop.

"My passion for photography has been re-ignited, I hereby thank my partner Mhairi with all my heart for making it happen."

"Moving from 35mm to digital can be a very controversial decision with photographers.   I can take more shots till I get the frame I like. Ultimately I end up with hundreds of pictures so I have to be selective with what I keep.   I am no longer working on my own, exposed to chemicals in a darkened room.  Getting familiar with new software & technology took it's time but I feel that I've reached a level I'm happy with."